5 Reasons to Add Delicious Ground Turkey into your Healthy Diet

5 Reasons to Add Delicious Ground Turkey into your Healthy Diet

  1. Lower fat content compared to other meats. Most meats, of the non-poultry nature, carry more saturated fat content. You can see that when cooking with ground turkey, the amount of fat/oil released is minimal in comparison.

  2. Turkey has a versatile flavour profile that can accompany various condiments and cheeses, from feta and avocado to spinach and kale, to simply lettuce, tomatoes, and ketchup. Whatever you choose, turkey works well!

  3. Ground turkey has increased surface area, therefore it cooks fast (as opposed to waiting for a full turkey to cook), you need not bake too long, or keep on the stove too long. 

  4. Combine into any meal - sauteed with seasoning and toss in a salad, cook into a sauce, make a rice dish, make tacos, combine to form patties or meatballs, the list goes on...ground turkey can be used in so many meal ideas.

  5. It is a lean protein. Protein should make up 15 - 30% of your daily diet, this is important to maintain your muscles and many functions in the body. When choosing protein foods, it's important to try and limit those with too much fat. Already knowing that turkey has lower fat than most other meats, it makes this a great protein choice.

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