General Questions

How does Sprout work?

1. When making an order with Sprout you will have the option to choose your pick-up date as well as your nearest easy-to-find pick-up location.

2. When picking up your order, show your order receipt at your pick-up location then take your premium quality meat home to enjoy with your family. You won't even have to leave your car!

Why Sprout Farm Delivery?

Three reasons… #1: Quality - We only sell what we eat ourselves, high-quality, healthy food products. #2: Price - Fresh, restaurant quality local food available at affordable prices.#3: Customer Experience - Our customers know they're getting exceptional service from the minute they enter our website to well after their order has been delivered. Our goal is to make the entire process as hassle free as possible!

Who buys from Sprout?

Sprout is perfect for families, students or health conscious people looking local quality nutritional food.

What products do you sell?

We keep it local! All products are grown, raised or produced in BC.

Are your products organic?

Only products that are marked "Certified Organic" are considered truly organic.

Is the Sprout website secure for orders?

Our website has 256-bit SSL encryption, uses an SSL certificate verified by Shopify and is safe and secure for orders. In fact, we secure our entire website. You can verify this by checking that the browser/url address line begins with "https://" (the "s" stands for secure). Also, during order processing, debit/credit card info is directly and securely handled by Shopify Payments using Stripe gateways, one of the largest online processors in the world, and is never stored nor received on our website and database.