Our Story

Our mission is simple. We want EVERYONE to have easy access to the freshest, most nutritious locally grown foods possible. And we want to make it affordable too!  

It all starts with the people. Truly putting people first and caring about our local farmers as well as the people who we are trying to feed. 

All food has a story, and we're making it our job to dig a little deeper to help tell that story and give you all the information you need to make an educated decision about what you feed your families. But mainly, it gives us an amazing opportunity to showcase the real rock stars; OUR FARMERS.

We understand how busy and hectic life can be, not everyone has the time to attend their local farmer's markets, or is located near one for that matter, to get these amazing ingredients on a weekly basis. And this is the exact reason Sprout Farm Delivery was born, not only a personal need for our founders but an understanding of other people expressing the same need.

Our goal is to bring as much of the experience of your local farmer's market online as possible and while adding a massive convenience factor to allow people, with busy lives and hectic schedules, the ability to experience the freshest locally grown foods just like they would at their local farmer's market.

We hope you come along for the ride as we build this community and doing our part to fix a broken food chain.