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Bucha Brew Kombucha - Raspberry 1L Growler

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Raspberry Bucha Brew- Tangy with a touch of sweetness, this Raspberry Kombucha bursts with flavour, revealing notes of black and green tea with a delightfully refreshing finish

Proudly produced in Vancouver, BC by Bucha Brew.

Location: Delta, BC

Website: www.buchabrew.ca

We start with a blend of sweetened organic green and black tea add in the 'mother' or SCOBY we then let her do all the work for us, fermenting the teas. After 7-14 days (depending on the weather) we flavour our Bucha with a short secondary fermentation. BUCHA! There you have it, simple as that...it has been around for thousands of years so we thought to ourselves 'why make it more complicated than it needs to be?'.

What Is Kombucha?
A healthy fermented beverage made from organic green and black teas, flavoured with whole organic ingredients. Offering a slightly effervescent, probiotic, low calorie alternative.

Drink Our Bucha
Why? You might ask. Firstly, because it tastes delicious, simple as that. Secondly, because it's good for you. We dry ferment our Bucha to ensure maximum amount of probiotics and healthy bacteria and minimum amounts of caffeine and sugar. Whether you are looking for a pre or post workout boost, hangover recovery, or just a nice light fizzy thirst quencher in the afternoon make sure you have a Bucha Brew on hand.

Drinking Bucha Brew may help with...

  • Joint problems- arthritis, rheumatism, and gout
  • Obesity- balancing the metabolism and encourages calorie restriction
  • Energy levels- improves oxygen flow to tissues
  • Hypertension- prevents headaches and dizziness
  • Gut health- reduces bloating, increases the good bacteria to aid in digestion