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Bacon - Cracked Pepper

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  • Deliciously lean and tender
  • Comes in vacuum sealed package
  • Hormone free
  • Johnston's hogs are typically between 5 & 6 months old and about 105kg before being processed
  • Animal welfare is of highest priority - Hogs roam freely around temperature controlled barns as they do not do well in environments that are too hot or cold

Humane handling practices and animal welfare are extremely important in the production of high quality pork. Fear and stress produces inferior pork, which includes being tough, watery, bland tasting with limited shelf life. Johnston’s and BC Producers’ practices of proper animal handling produces the high quality pork, which provides for tasty, tender, and beautifully coloured pork. When you buy Johnston’s you can be assured of buying a fresh product. Johnston's will process the products on one day and they are delivered fresh to our customers the very next day.

Fun Fact: Did you know 90% of the pork consumed in BC is produced outside of the province? All the more reason to purchase Johnston's quality pork.

Proudly produced in Chilliwack, BC by Johnston's Pork.

Location: 5828 Promontory Road, Chilliwack, BC


Johnston’s was established in 1937 by Mr. Carmen Johnston in Chilliwack, BC. In the beginning, Johnston Packers offered custom processing services and employed only one full-time and one part-time employee. Eighty years later, Johnston’s is still in Chilliwack offering custom processing services, but now employs and supports over 120 families in the Fraser Valley.

Johnston’s remains a family-owned business today. Don Ball, Mr. Johnston’s nephew, worked for his Uncle Carmen and purchased the business from Carmen Johnston’s daughter. In 1968, Mr. Ball purchased Henry’s Meat Market on Promontory and relocated Johnston’s up to the new location where it remains to this day.

Johnston’s success over the years has been a result of consistent core values. We take care in ensuring our employees, producers and animals are treated fairly before our quality pork products make it to BC families’ tables. Providing quality products, value and exceptional service to our customers is important to us and we are privileged to give back to the community that we live, work and play in.