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Lean Ground Beef - Grass Fed

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  • Extremely tender and tasty
  • Individually vacuum sealed (1lb each)
  • AAA grade beef
  • 28 day dry-aged
  • No added hormones or steroids
  • Antibiotic free
  • Grass forage fed while on the ranches & finished on a high roughage diet of a mixture of grass & non-gmo corn silage, along with limited amounts of high quality grain
  • Hopcott believes in humane animal management and animal welfare is top priority 

Hopcott Farms uses the traditional method of aging our AAA Grade beef by hanging it on the rail and dry-aging it for 28 day, as opposed to more common wet-aging in cryovac bags. Dry-aging allows the natural enzymes to slowly tenderize the meat and evaporate the moisture to create a more concentrated and enhanced depth of flavour.  For this reason, Hopcott Farms does not need to needle their beef.

Proudly produced in Pitt Meadows, BC by Hopcott Farms.

Location: 18385 Old Dewdney Trunk Rd, Pitt Meadows, BC

Website: www.hopcottmeats.ca

The Hopcott Farms History Timeline:

1932 - Hopcott Farm was purchased in 1932 by Fred & Jane Hopcott who were born and raised in Ladner, BC. The land had never been farmed and was covered with small trees. For 25 years it was dairy farm. The dairy barn built in 1934, still stands on the farm today.

1957 - The dairy herd was sold and Fred Hopcott's dream of raising beef cattle began. Over time, buildings were constructed and the land was converted to corn fields to produce silage for the cattle. The cattle were sold to local packing plants. Fred's son, Bob Hopcott, became an active partner in the farm, following his father's love of beef cattle.

1996 - Over time, as local packers disappeared, the farm needed to diversify to stay in business. Upon hearing that Ocean Spray Cranberries was looking for acreage, Bob converted 70 acres of corn fields into cranberry bogs.

2000 - Bob and his wife, Debbie, decided to diversify again and created an agri-tourism destination called Meadows Maze. It started out as a 14-acre corn maze, but they have continued to add attractions over the years including rides, a petting zoo, corn cannons, party rooms, pig races and the Harvest Time barn.

2006 - Bob, Debbie and their children are strong advocates of eating local, supporting fellow farmers, and strengthening community relations. Having a space where they could sell their meats, local produce and dairy and more was the next logical move. In 2006, Hopcott Premium Meats opened a 9,000 square foot shop, reminiscent of an early 1900s feel with high ceilings, wooden beams and heritage pieces.

2015 - Hopcott Meats unveiled their expansion, increasing the total store to 17,000 square foot. This included larger retail space with longer fresh meat cases, a commercial kitchen and a sit down bistro and outdoor patio.