Micro Greens

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Nutrigreens specializes in gourmet Microgreens – delicate, young vegetables and herbs that are harvested while tiny, tender, and tasty. Microgreens provide bursts of flavour in fresh salads, healthy smoothie mixes, sandwiches, soups, vegetable dishes, garnishes & toppings.

A mix of Radish, Arugala, Pak Choi, Mizuna, Basil, sometimes sunflower and pea tips. 

Proudly produced in Abbotsford, BC by Nutrigreens.

Location: 3216 Tolmie Rd, Abbotsford, BC


Growing and delivering healthy microgreens to Vancouver and the lower mainland since 2008.

Nutrigreens was born on August 2009. Since then, Nutrigreens has been present in over 300 farmer markets and sold fresh baby green and Microgreen products to over 20 Vancouver restaurants and a handful of grocery stores. The team consists of Serge Krivoy, founder/farmer, and the many volunteers who have contributed sweat equity throughout the seven years. We have a new addition, Mr. Guilhem (Guy) Harisson, a childhood friend of Serge’s. Guy comes directly from farming five seasons in France.

Together Serge and Guy farm the entire process by hand. They do not use any chemicals and their seeds are Organic. Nutrigreens’ operations are on an existing commercial farm in Abbotsford, BC. Nutrigreens has access to commercial operations such as a commercial loading dock, forklift and walk-in cold storage. Nutrigreens welcomes all of its farmers market supporters, new clients and new business opportunities.